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An Evening with Matthew Wood

I’m excited to be collaborating with Natalie Hammerquist of Adiantum School of Plant Medicine and our friend Kate Sinon to bring Seattle an evening lecture with master herbalist Matthew Wood. The lecture is going to take place on the east side in south Bellevue, but it’s an easy commute to the Eastgate park and ride and we’ll be shuttling people from there to the house and back again.

The event will take placeĀ Monday, November 14 at 6:30 PM – 9 PM


Tickets are $35 at:

Matthew will talk about the plants in his book “7 Herbs, Plants as Teachers” as well discussing the Doctrine of Signatures. He’s one of the premier herbalists of our day and has written several well known books, such as the “Earthwise Herbal”,Old World and New World versions; the foundational books of herbalism for many an herbalist. He has also developed much of the Western humoural herbal theory into it’s modern form.

Matthew Wood isn’t often in the Seattle area lecturing, so this is a must attend event if you’re hoping to learn from him in person!


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